From mass production to customized solutions

The industrial chemistry sector started about 150 years ago with the development and production of dyes, in particular for the dyeing of textiles. In 1877, a first patent was granted for the tar dye methylene blue, with which Robert Koch was ultimately able to make the tubercle bacillus visible in 1882. This was a breakthrough in medical research. While initially the focus of the industrial chemical development was mass production, the chemical industry is now divided into several different categories and offers customized products for all kinds of applications.

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The high costs for developing new chemical products and for building the respective production facilities make effective patent protection indispensable. In order to protect your technical edge and defend it against imitators, patents for exclusive use are extremely important in the chemical sector. Our patent attorneys hold doctorate degrees in chemistry and are highly knowledgeable in the areas of organic chemistry, especially pharmaceutics, crude oil and mineral oil chemistry, dyes and OLEDs, as well as inorganic chemistry, especially nanochemistry, catalysis, construction chemistry, and ceramics. We also have in-depth knowledge of physical chemistry, in particular battery and accumulator chemistry, light-emitting diodes, as well as in technical and macromolecular chemistry, in particular polymerisation processes, plastics engineering, technical polymers and elastomers, adhesives, and the processing of polymers.

Closely collaborating with colleagues from other areas of technology and natural sciences, we comprehensively and efficiently deal with trans-sectoral matters as well. Our teams of specialists are set up for each of our clients, depending on their respective needs.

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