Case study chemisty

Organic compounds manufacturer

Our client is a German chemical company that produces organic compounds and functional materials and distributes them worldwide.

The challenge

The client had developed a unique new process: An unusual combination of process steps led to a novel layer structure containing different sensitive chemical compounds with remarkably high purity and without any significant yield loss.

Due to specific physical and chemical features, it is technically not possible to identify and analyse the individual steps of the process and the intermediate products contained therein. In spite of that, there was great interest in protecting the process and the final product obtained, as well as the intermediate products.

The solution

We collaborated with the inventors to develop a flexible application strategy. We looked at the process from different angles – for example, in consideration of the parameters used, assumed reaction mechanisms on the basis of prior art publications, etc. Based on these observations, we developed several different patent applications in which the various aspects of the process were highlighted.

Due to the flexible application strategy, the client was able to obtain comprehensive patent protection in Europe as well as in other important markets, both for the process and the intermediate and end products.

The patents were found to be so strong that various appeals were overcome without significant losses. Due to this strong legal position, we were able to conduct successful licensing negotiations on behalf of the client.

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