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Obtaining a licence, meaning an authorisation to do something that wouldn’t be allowed without a licence, is often present in daily language use. The fictitious agent James Bond requires a licence to do his job. However, our licensing issues are more commonplace. Licensing agreements play a significant role especially in industry and trade, in order to grant third parties rights to use industrial property such as patents or registered trademarks or copyrights according to highly specific provisions.

Key foundation

As one of Germany’s largest IP firms, BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT has a team of experienced attorneys for all property rights and in all branches, who are specialized in designing and implementing licence agreements. In so doing, we take into account the provisions of anti-trust law, which provides detailed regulations for the transfer of technology in particular in the field of patent and know-how protection. We develop complex contract structures in the field of standardisation and pooling of intellectual property, especially patents. Our patent attorneys and attorneys seamlessly deal with all questions regarding licence projects in order to reflect the technical and also the legal side of the licence agreement in the best way possible. We also draft and negotiate all types of cooperation agreements with reference to IP, research and development agreements or contract research agreements.

We have particular expertise in the field of cooperation between industry and science, not least through our heading the Model Agreements for Research and Development Cooperation Work Group at the Federal Ministry of Economics in Germany.

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