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Patents & Utility Models

Economic Advantage

The ancient Greeks already had patents for inventions. In his Deipnosophistae Athenaeus reported of monopolies for new recipes: “If one of the cooks were to invent his own new delicious recipe, then within the next year no one should be allowed to use this invention except the inventor himself. During this time he should make a profit from it, so that the others would make an effort and compete to exceed the invention.“ This principal still applies today: a temporary exclusive and prohibitive right as an economic incentive and reward for a new invention.

Protection against competitors

Patents and utility models protect technical inventions from imitators and thus secure decisive competitive advantages in a world filled with innovations and international competition. In order for this to function sustainably, patents and utility models must be written, defended and implemented by an expert.

As one of the largest patent law firms in Germany that covers almost all technical fields, we assist our clients with individually assembled teams of attorneys with different technical backgrounds. Our patent attorneys have many years of experience in all industries, know their characteristics and market mechanisms, and can offer customized intellectual property solutions.

We are one of the few firms in Germany that offers specialisation in patent infringement proceedings, in which our attorneys and patent attorneys seamlessly work together both in the enforcement of patents and in the defence against attacks from patents.

Our attorneys cover all legal issues of patent and utility model law. Before the application of a patent or utility model, we give advice, develop patent strategies, conduct research regarding prior art and evaluate this research. The services we offer relate not only to preparing and submitting patent applications and the related official examination proceedings nationally and internationally, but also to opposition, nullity, and patent infringement proceedings as well as drafting legal reports and infringement opinions. We provide comprehensive advice for all issues pertaining to contract law, in particular regarding licence agreements. For example, we prepare confidentiality agreements, collaboration agreements, and licence agreements, with consideration to anti-trust standards. Monitoring and managing patents and patent applications as well as all tasks of an independent patent department are also part of our services. We give comprehensive advice to questions regarding employee invention law and regularly evaluate patents.

Our clients include large international corporations operating in Germany and internationally, as well as small and medium-sized companies from almost all fields. Our international network of correspondent attorneys allows us to meet the specific requirements of internationally positioned clients.

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