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Patent Valuation

Each patent is unique

Patents are naturally unique. They can be compared with each other only to a limited extent. Thus there is no “price tag” for them; rather, very specific criteria are used for valuation. The value of a patent depends on what the owner plans on doing with the protected invention. This can range from taking advantage of the monopoly that the patent provides, to granting licences or selling to third parties.

Patent valuation is manifold

Due to the different possibilities of using patents, they can be a significant asset for a company. It is becoming more common that companies use patents not only as a protective shield to secure their own technology, but as an active, tradeable asset. This makes it even more important to know their value and to follow strategies to increase this value in a targeted manner.

Evaluating a patent always takes place in a specific context and for a particular reason. Therefore, different reasons for valuation require different methods that are tailored to the respective requirements. However, a thorough understanding both of the technology that the patent is based on and the market conditions and usage possibilities of the invention are necessary to achieve an appropriate and meaningful valuation. Specialists are required for this.

In addition to having the technical and legal knowledge to evaluate patents, the attorneys at BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT have comprehensive experience in assessing economic risks and possible market developments.

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