Protecting Immaterial Assets

Today, brands are one of the most important, and often most valuable, assets of a company. Market success, and often the value of a company, significantly depends on the success of the protection of core brands. Furthermore, the successful introduction of new products is often only possible if a secured trade mark position is established in advance. The brand makes it possible to distinguish a product or service from that of competitors; it establishes customer loyalty and allows customers to identify products and services. Since brands are the only property right that can be valid without a time limitation, the economic success of many companies depends on brand portfolios that are often decades old. In many cases, individual brands must be registered and defended in a variety of countries at the same time. Together with the company’s name, brands are the essential component of sign and trade mark law.

Management and Representation

Managing and representing highly complex and extensive brand portfolios has been one of our key competencies for decades. Our attorneys are frontrunners in Europe. For many years, BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT has been one of the law firms with the highest number of trade mark applications both in Germany and in Europe. We manage many international brand portfolios and also maintain a comprehensive network of international contacts. This extensive competence and our international network benefit in particular medium-sized companies whose trade mark management is one of BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT’s particular concerns.

Supporting brand portfolios brings with it the necessity of legal enforcement of trade mark law. We have extensive experience in managing trade mark disputes before German courts. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT has been one of Germany’s top legal firms in this field for many years. Since were are globally positioned, one of our key competencies is managing and coordinating international trade mark law disputes.

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