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Legal basis

For quite some time now, copyright has been a lot more than the right of creative people. It forms the legal basis of the music and the film industry and, of course, the publishing sector, visual arts, and architecture as well. Any company investing in intellectual content must be able to trust that its products are comprehensively protected against unauthorised users and imitators. A particular focus of our work is our consulting service for these content-based industries.

But more than that: these days, increasingly even companies that thought they were not affected by these issues have questions about copyrights, which range from the design of company websites to the use of protected content in the company environment – from the music in the waiting room or the tradeshow video to the intra-company mailing of PDF-copied articles.

If the matter is a more international nature, the legal situation becomes even more complex, because the rights for protected contents for the respective countries are not always available from the same licensor.

Our expertise

Whether we are asked to consult for companies or associations on the user or rights holder side, to develop complex use or exploitation strategies, defend the rights of exploitation companies, draft agreements in the copyright area, offer training classes, or to represent our clients in infringement proceedings – we have many years of experience and have led game-changing test cases.

Our attorneys are not only familiar with all the facets of copyright, but also with the scientific contributions and teachings of those shaping this area of law. One of the leading commentaries on copyright, the “Fromm/Nordemann” is written by attorneys who all work for BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT in the copyright area.

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