The Right Domain – Your Business Card on the Web

These days, domain names are an indispensable marketing tool. Finding the domain that is available for one’s online presence has a direct impact on a company’s visibility and the image in the market. Consumers and market participants expect to find a company and its brand online under the same domain name; even the best search engine ranking does not replace this consistency of names online. The selection of the company name or brand name often depends on whether the respective domain name is still available.

Our Services

We have a great deal of experience in developing a customised domain portfolio for a company, which takes into account both the company’s own marketing strategy and a defence against abusive domain registrations (domain grabbing). We secure relevant domains worldwide and will, if requested, manage the portfolio as well. The aim of our consulting services is to develop, with our client, a domain strategy that meets the needs of its company and to implement it as cost-effectively as possible. In so doing, we include the many new generic top level domains (new gTLDs) here as well.

In the event of a conflict, we provide our client with comprehensive representation from finding the infringer to the transfer of the domain names after successful legal enforcement measures. With the help of out-of-court settlement agreements (for example UDRP, ADR, URS), it is often possible to resolve conflicts between trademark rights and domain names, even in an international environment, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our network of international associates allows us to enforce our clients’ rights in courts around the world.

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