Software / IT

Unprotected values

In the age of digitalisation and data mobility, everyone knows how technically important software and telecommunication are. Few companies, however, especially small and mid-sized companies, understand that software and communication solutions require special protection. Yet, new technologies are often implemented through software which can be reprogrammed or copied with relatively little effort or disseminated online without any problem. For this reason, effective protection of these values is very important.

Expert knowledge required

The protection of intellectual IT property poses all kinds of legal challenges. There are special rules that apply to the patent protection of computer-implemented inventions, which vary from one country to another and which are difficult to understand for a layperson. The enforcement of patents is often not easy either, for example, when a patent infringer is operating abroad, when the infringing software is not easily available or can only be analysed with the help of a time-consuming process. Frequently, such difficulties can be avoided early on, when the patent is being drafted.

We have an experienced software/IT team and use an international network of specialists in this area for proceedings abroad. We use the opportunities case law provides to determine the best strategy and closely coordinate with our clients in order to have the best-possible position in a legal dispute, be it as a plaintiff or as a defendant. We represent our clients before the courts and coordinate the strategy to be used in international court proceedings. We do, however, also make use of out-of-court alternatives to settle a dispute, whenever this is a better way to defend our client’s interests.

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