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Albert Einstein, who is known as the genius who discovered the theory of relativity, was a very prolific inventor in various other areas of physics as well. Most of his inventions focus on refrigerators, but Einstein also registered patents for an improved loudspeaker and an auto-exposure control for cameras.

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Physics and all its facets and subareas is one of the focal points of BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT. A fundamental understanding of the laws and effects of physics is the key to understanding many inventions in the business world today and in the future – from optic networks and 3D printing to Industry 4.0.

These days, inventions in the area of physics are often made by interdisciplinary teams representing various subject areas. Some of the best examples are medical technology, which involves biotechnology, electronics, and software technology, or the automotive industry, which makes use of sensor technology and artificial intelligence. This area offers one of the greatest opportunities for patent applicants, but also creates a heightened danger of patent conflicts.

Our clients in the area of physics include international technology groups as well as innovative small and mid-sized companies in German-speaking countries. We provide assistance in all relevant areas of physics such as medical technology, telecommunication engineering, optics and optical networks, light technology, electrical engineering and electronics, semiconductor technology, laser physics, environmental technology, solid-state physics, energy technology, automotive technology, aerospace technology, and industrial control technology and software.

All aspects of commercial property rights, from the development of new products, the preparation of expert opinions and patent applications to licensing negotiations and the detection of patent infringements, as well as the enforcement of claims through the courts are handled by our firm. Due to our experienced and technically diverse team, we are also able to provide the functionalities of an outsourced patent department. Renowned university and research institutes in Germany and other countries recognize and value our comprehensive technical expertise and our experience with spin-offs and start-ups. Most of our attorneys in the physics segment have personal experience in research and development as doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

Patents are often our clients’ most valuable capital. This is what we always have in mind and what motivates us when we comprehensively and creatively assist them from the start in developing intellectual property right strategies, patent evaluations, financing, and license negotiations.

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