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To monopolise or to share – that is the question

Thomas Alva Edison went down in history as the inventor of the light bulb. He is present in almost every household with many of his over 2,000 inventions, more than 1,000 of which he had patented. It was these patents that helped him build a powerful group of companies, including General Electric, the National Phonograph Co. as well as the German Edison Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektrizität, later renamed as AEG.

Tesla Motors Inc., which is one of the most innovative companies of our time, is taking a different approach to the utilisation of its inventions. Tesla protects its inventions with patents as well, but makes them available to like-minded individuals and companies in order to promote the development of electric cars throughout the world.

Protecting your leading edge

Regardless of whether you prefer Edison’s or Tesla’s approach, patents in electrical engineering will help you protect your leading technical edge and defend you against imitators. The granting of licences leads to capital formation and the use of cross-licences creates access to new technologies. We assist and help our clients from the development of their products to the registration, prosecution and enforcement of property rights, with freedom-to-operate searches and the detection of patent infringements, with the defence against challenges from third-party patents and the development of property right strategies. We possess in-depth knowledge in the areas of telecommunication, communications engineering and optical networks, hardware and software, semiconductor technology, electrical engineering and drive technology, automotive technology, environmental technology and automation technology, building technology, and light technology.

Our patent attorneys are trained electrical engineers, computer scientists and physicists; many completed parts of their training abroad and hold a PhD. Due to the regular interdisciplinary exchange and the close collaboration with other areas in technology and natural sciences, our patent attorneys are able to quickly and efficiently handle interdisciplinary cases as well.

Our clients are both multinational corporations and German and European mid-sized companies manufacturing semiconductor, hardware and software, entertainment electronics, industrial facilities, as well as universities, automakers and automotive suppliers.

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