Dr. Anke Nordemann-Schiffel, Maître en droit
Attorney at Law (Germany)
Certified Copyright, Media and IP Lawyer

Kurfürstendamm 185
10707 Berlin

T +49 (30) 23 60 76 70

F +49 (30) 23 60 76 721

Helene-Lange-Straße 3
14469 Potsdam

T +49 (331) 27 54 30

F +49 (331) 27 54 321

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Anke Nordemann-Schiffel specializes in copyright, trade mark, press, and competition law and in international law. She manages and coordinates international litigation and extensive international trade mark portfolios in particular. In the field of copyright law, she advises and represents large and small scientific and literary publishers and film companies. In addition, she advises extensively on matters regarding personal rights. Her clients further include companies in the food and cosmetics industries.

She studied science of law at the University of Paris-I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), University of Göttingen, and the University of Munich. She subsequently earned her doctorate at the University of Munich on a topic of German-French private international law. Anke attended on a scholarship of the „Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft und Recht“(„Working Group on Economics and Law“). Anke joined BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT in1999.

Apart from her activities as a lawyer, she regularly holds seminars such as the annual specialist law course on copyright and media law, with aspects of international law, for the German Lawyers Academy.

Anke Nordemann-Schiffel is co-author of numerous publications in the areas of trade mark, copyright, and competition law, including the textbook Nordemann: Competition Law – Trade Mark Law (2010, 11. edition). She is an author of the standard commentary Fromm/Nordemann: Copyright Law"(2019, 12. edition), and author of several articles in Loewenheim: Handbuch des Urheberrechts [Copyright Law Handbook] (2019, 3. edition). In Schütze/ Weipert: Münchener Vertragshandbuch: Wirtschaftsrecht, (2019, 8. edition), she contributed various publishing contracts.

Anke Nordemann-Schiffel is Member of the Managing Board and Deputy General Secretary at the German Association for Industrial Property Protection and Copyright (GRUR). In addition, she is a member of the intellectual property rights specialist committee of the Federal Chamber of Lawyers (BRAK), which regularly advises on EU and German government proposals.

In the 2019 WTR 1000 edition, she is named among the most important trade mark lawyers in Germany.