11 Jan 2019 | News

UNION-IP Round Table ‚Smart IP‘ am 22.02.2019 in München

Patent lawyer and honorary president of UNION IP Nils T.F. Schmid will host the half-day round table event on 22 February 2019. The event will focus on “Smart IP – Applying intelligence to patenting, licensing and enforcing IP on new technology”.

The English-language workshop will take place in the German Patent and Trademark Office (Zweibrückenstrasse 12, 80331 Munich). Confirmed speakers include: Prof Peter Georg Picht (University of Zürich), Dr Dominik Bauer (Audi AG), Georg Weber (European Patent Office) and many more. Further details can be obtained from Nils T.F. Schmid.

Details on the event can be found here.

UNION IP of European Practitioners in Intellectual Property is an independent non-profit organisation of experts focused on intellectual property. It was founded in 1961 under the name “UNION of European Patent Attorneys”. It is active throughout Europe and offers IP experts a professional forum.