23 Jan 2019 | News

Malte Nentwig in WTR-interview as well as in interview about Brexit in WIPR

Attorney at Law Malte Nentwig has given an interview with other experts from the US and China in the “World Trade Mark Review” (WTR) about “Harmonization in practice. A dialogue about foreign trademarks.” He is asked about his recommendations: In the interview, he elaborates about advice and tactical options in regard thr search for trademarks, application and genuine use requirement in the EU.

In the current print-edition of the World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR) (also online) Malte Nentwig is cited various times in the article “Brexit: The sooner this is sorted, the better” as an expert on the implications of the Brexit for trademarks, designs and patents.

The online-version of the article is available here (€).