18 Nov 2019 | News

JUVE Manual of Corporate Law Firms 2019/2020 - excellent ratings for BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT

BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT has again received numerous individual mentions this year and overall secured a very good ranking in the various categories of the current JUVE Manual. Mentioned by name were:

Christian W. Appel
Dr. Thomas L. Bittner
Dr. Rudolf Böckenholt, LL.M.
Dr. Markus Engelhard
Prof. Dr. Heinz Goddar
Dr. Carl-Richard Haarmann
Dr. Jan Krauß

Dr. Martin Schaefer
Dr. Volker Schmitz-Fohrmann, MJur
Wilhelm Stahlberg
Dr. Martin Wirtz

In comments on 'Trademark and Design Law / Competition Law', the manual states that the mixed IP law firm is in great demand by clients, especially in the field of trademark law. In addition, it is regarded as "one of the strongest law firms in the market in terms of trademark registration and is renowned for the strategic advice given to its clients"

JUVE highlights the area of 'Contract and Copyright Law': "The Berlin-based Media Law practice is a safe choice when it comes to copyright law, especially in the publishing and international film industry." Rivals therefore describe the firm as "one of the best media boutiques". "The firm also has a good strategy in terms of personnel, because it consistently succeeds in strengthening the younger generation of lawyers," JUVE continues. 

BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT is "one of the market leaders" when it comes to Patent Registrations. "Patent registration business once again grew strongly last year," notes JUVE. Another positive aspect is that the firm is consistent in its involvement of its team of lawyers in Patent Infringement Proceedings.

The JUVE Manual Corporate Law Firms is geared towards decision-makers in companies, corporate lawyers and attorneys. The ratings are based on research of the editors, ratings submitted through questionnaires for individual legal fields, interviews with rivals, clients as well as the editing staff’s own knowledge of the sector.