20 Sep 2019 | News

BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT supports Open Source Monitor 2019

In the press release of 16 September 2019, Bitkom announces the first results of the Open Source Monitor 2019 project, which was realised on behalf of the Digitalverband and with the support of renowned companies. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT is pleased it was able to support this first comprehensive Open Source study in Germany. For the survey, 840 companies with more than 100 employees in Germany were interviewed by telephone. Two thirds of the larger companies already consciously use Open Source software and only 4 percent view the topic critically or reject the use. Already 9 of 10 larger firms recognise advantages through Open Source, but many also see the difficulties that arise with the use of Open Source software, especially as regards compliance processes. We will publish our findings from this study shortly.

Read the complete press release here.