24 Nov 2015 | Events

SOMM-Akademie: Cartel Law Seminar by and with Prof. Dr. J. B. Nordemann.

On 24 November 2015, Society Of Music Merchants e.V. (SOMM), the marketing board and association of the musical instruments and music equipment industry, will be holding a seminar on the subject of cartel law as part of its further training programme in Berlin. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT partner Prof. Dr. Jan B. Nordemann will conduct the one-day seminar “Cartel Law: Price Maintenance, Selective Distribution and Exclusive Distribution - what is allowed?”. To provide some background information: manufacturers and wholesalers are now forced to design their distribution as efficiently as possible. However, cartel law sets limits on distribution design. Breaches of these limits can result, in particular, in heavy fines, invalid sales contracts and claims for damages. Nordemann will explain the framework of cartel law and will illustrate hurdles and opportunities in distribution design using practical examples. The seminar is aimed at employees of the music equipment industry with and without legal expertise and is also designed as a practical workshop.