7 Apr 2016 | Events

Seminar "Brand strategies in the Games industry" at the Erich Pommer Institute

The Erich Pommer Institute (epi) will hold a seminar on 7 April 2016 entitled "Brand strategies in the Games industry - from clarifying rights to video game filming". BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT partners and solicitors Olaf Wolters and Dr. Thomas W. Boddien will lead the seminar. The background to this seminar topic are new cinema films which launch this year and which are based on games material (e.g. Warcraft, Angry Birds and Assassins Creed). The seminar will therefore focus on the topics title rights, brand protection and brand licensing as well as the legal and economic framework for the establishment of games brands. Brand strategies in gaming and production relevant experiences from the industry will be discussed. Further information and registration.