8 May 2019 | Events

Patent Seminar (Introduction) on 8 May 2019

On 8 May 2019, an introductory patent seminar will take place in Munich.

The seminar is geared towards managing directors of SMEs, as well as directors of R&D departments and general proxies.

Patent Attorney Nils T.F. Schmid will host the seminar.

Experts will provide information on the following introductory topics:

  • Patent Attorney Dr Andreas Lucke: When does a patent make sense? Tips for medium-sized companies
  • Patentm Attorney Christian W. Appelt: Patent registration strategies / defence strategies
  • Patent Attorney Dr. Michael Hartig: Patent requirements - novelty and creative activity
  • Patent Attorney Dr. Jan B. Krauß: Employee inventions - efficient handling

Detailed information on the venue and timetable can be found in the invitation. Please register interest with Nils T.F. Schmid by fax or e-mail.