22 Aug 2018 | Events

Gamescom in Cologne celebrates 10-year anniversary – Prof Jan B. Nordemann speaks on 22.08.2018 on the new copyright legislation

The motto of Gamescom this year is “diversity wins”. Experts and interested parties in the field of computer and video games will meet this year in Cologne 21-25 August 2018. This will be the 10th Gamecom event - and the first with over 1,000 exhibitors.

On 22 August 2018, the Members of the European Parliament Axel Voss (CDU) and Tiemo Wölken (SPD), Ann Becker (Head of Policy and Public Affairs, ISFE), Dr Christian-Henner Hentsch (Legal Advisor, game – Association of German Games Sector) and Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann (Partner BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT) will take about the current copyright situation.

More on the Trade Fair can be found here and on the event here.