12 Dec 2013 | Events

Conference at the Bauhaus Dessau: Drs Czychowski and Schaefer on aspects of open access for museums and collections.

The Conference of National Cultural Institutions (KNK; Konferenz Nationaler Kultureinrichtungen) on digitalisation will be hosting its conference on “Open Access – Consequences and Opportunities for Museums and Collections” in Dessau on 12–13 December 2013. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT partners Dr Christian Czychowski and Dr Martin Schaefer will be speaking on both days about legal issues surrounding the topic of open access. The open access initiative’s goal is to enable free access to scientific materials, addressing in particular cultural assets in archives, libraries and museums. These too should be available to all at no cost as part of the ‘digital library’ in line with the same principles as scientific literature. Dr Schaefer will also be addressing the topic “Access denied? From copyright to individual property rights” on 12 December and explaining which rights need to be observed in the case of digital services. On 13 December, Dr Czychowski will be presenting examples relating to “Open access in practice for museums and public collections”. This event will be held at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.