1 Mar 2016 | Events

AIPPI/INTA conference “Designs: Into the Future” with Prof. Dr. J. B. Nordemann.

The “Designs: Into the Future” conference, which is being organised jointly by INTA and AIPPI, will be taking place in Singapore from 29 February to 1 March 2016. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT partner Prof. Dr. Jan B. Nordemann will be participating in a total of three panels (each of which will be taking place on 01.03.2016). In the “Overlapping Rights: The Interplay among Design Rights, Copyright, Trademarks and Trade Dress” panel, various issues will be discussed (in Part 1) by Reinhard Oertli, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Jan Bernd Nordemann, Boehmert & Boehmert (Germany) and Shunji Sato, TMI Associates (Japan) and, in Part 2, by Pei Lin Low, Allen & Gledhill LLP (Singapore) and Reinhard Oertli, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (Switzerland).
The afternoon will be devoted to the issue of new developments in 3D printing. In the “3D Printing - Evolution, Revolution or Extinction for IP Protection?” panel, Prof. Dr. Jan B. Nordemann, Boehmert & Boehmert (Germany), Yau Tak Lam, Hong Kong Customs (Hong Kong) and Clive Thorne, Weblake Bell LLP (United Kingdom) will discuss the repercussions of 3D printing. More information about the conference and how to register can be found.