09. Nov 2016 | Awards

Best Lawyers - Germany's best lawyers 2015: BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT represented with ten partners.

The 7th German edition of the originally American publication Best Lawyers has just been released by Handelsblatt. This year too, BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT is represented with a total of ten lawyers and three offices. At the Munich office, the following lawyers are named: Christian W. Appelt (IP), Dr Markus Engelhard (IP), Prof Heinz Goddar (IP). At the Berlin office, the following lawyers are mentioned: Prof Christian Czychowski (IP, IT), Prof Axel Nordemann (IP, Trademark and Competition Law), Prof Jan Bernd Nordemann (IP, Media Law, Trademark and Competition Law) and Dr Ute Kilger (Health Care/Biotech) and Dr Martin Schaefer (Media Law, Copyright). At the Bremen office, Dr Ludwig Kouker (IP) and Malte Nentwig (IP) are mentioned. The ratings of the law firms and lawyers are based on colleague assessments from other firms using the "peer-to-peer" procedure. This provides especially reliable results. Best Lawyers is therefore considered one of the most respectable legal rankings.