29 Nov 2018 | News

Updated Computer Law Manual appears with contributions from Prof Christian Czychowski and Luisa Siesmayer

The 34th edition of the Computer Law Manual is now set to be published. Information technology in legal and industrial practice - originally published by Kilian/Heussen, and now by Taeger/Pohle - as standard reference work in C.H.Beck.

Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski and Luisa Siesmayer, LL.M. are responsible for the entire chapter on Copyright Law. For the first time, both BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT experts contribute their own chapter on Data Rights. Here, the question is asked whether property rights to data can exist at all - or whether rules on access to data must and should be agreed. Since data can evolve into a crucial and valuable economic good, the question as to how data are dealt with under law must be posed. Smart Car, Smart Speaker, BigData, Smart Factory, to name just a few... For the year 2020, projections state that, on average, each of the world’s citizens will possess seven digital devices (!), all of which produce and exchange data. A good reason to look at this question.

You can access the publishing house website here.