15 Apr 2019 | News

Soliticor Viktoria Kraetzig, writing in the F.A.Z., on the effects of Brexit on industrial property rights valid throughout the Union

What influence will Brexit have on industrial property rights valid throughout the Union?  Writing in the current edition of the F.A.Z magazine, Viktoria Kraetzig looks at the consequences in the event of a hard Brexit and those in case May’s deal indeed manages to find a majority in the British House of Commons. Overall, right-holders can be reassured that the UK Government is making every effort to preserve the legal position on intellectual property rights as far as possible. Trade mark owners in particular - or in practice their legal counsel - should keep a close eye on further developments in the United Kingdom, in particular the design of the "cloning process" planned for Union trade marks, as Viktoria Kraetzig in F.A.Z. Einspruch writes.