18 May 2017 | B&B in the Media

Olaf Wolters in round table discussion in "Digital Business Lawyer".

IP legal experts commented on the planned Network Implementation Act in a round table discussion printed in the the specialist publication "Digital Business Lawyer" (May 2017, page 15). The Act takes aim at hate speech and fake news and seeks to encourage platform operators on social networks to improve detection and deletion rates for hateful and libellous statements. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT lawyer Olaf Wolters commented in the round table discussion: "With respect to Commissioner Ansip´s concerns that de Draft Act could kill innovation and over-regulate online platforms I think that a certain level of regulation of social networks (and content-providing platforms) is unavoidable. At least in Germany we face a lot of law infringements on social networks and under the current legislation it is very difficult to enforce against these infringements." The complete article can be accessed by subscribers.