27 Jun 2019 | B&B in the Media

(Hard) Brexit and the consequences - Article by Prof. Dr. J. B. Nordemann and Prof. Dr. Ch. Czychowski in the IWRZ

In issue 03/2019 of the Zeitschrift für internationales Wirtschaftsrecht (IWRZ) (p. 103f) the two BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT lawyers published the article "(Hard) Brexit - Part IV: Intellectual Property Law". They explain what the consequences of Britain's withdrawal from the EU could be for intellectual property rights. They look in detail at the future of the Community trademark, patent rights, copyright and international registrations. The authors give a cautious all-clear for patent rights: "As things stand at present, the development of patent law can be viewed with calm, since (...) these are purely national rights and Brexit will have little direct impact on them." For copyright too, the effects are rather limited.

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