27 Jan 2020 | News

Dr. Sebastian Engels in WirtschaftsWoche: Trademark law in Beethoven's anniversary year

This year he would be 250 years old: Ludwig van Beethoven, eternal superstar of classical music and formative composer to the present day. Therefore, the efforts of numerous manufacturers to advertise their own products with "Beethoven" are undiminished. There is Beethoven beer, Beethoven tea, even a computer centre is adorned with the name of the famous composer. The list of entries in the trademark register is long. So the question remains, in what way the name of this unique musician may still be used without committing trademark infringement?

BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT attorney Dr. Sebastian Engels was interviewed on these topics by WirtschaftsWoche in the context of the article "Beethoven Anniversary Year - Who benefits from the Beethoven brand".

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