10 Feb 2017 | B&B in the Media

Der Journalist (2/2017): “Specialists on the panel”.

The article entitled “Specialists on the panel” appeared in the industry journal, “Der Journalist” (2/2017, p. 16). The report concerns the Medienschiedsgericht (Media Court of Arbitration) which was established in January 2017 with its main offices in Leipzig. Its purpose is to offer an alternative to taking arguments to the ordinary law courts when conflicts and disputes arise between media companies. BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT partner and copyright law specialist Prof. Dr. Jan B. Nordemann sits on the panel of this first media court of arbitration in Germany, which has already received its first caseload. The media court is called upon to arbitrate if both parties to the dispute deem it appropriate. Jan Nordemann in “Der Journalist”: “Normally an agreement will contain an arbitration clause.” The media court handles disputes of over €100,000 relating to copyright or licencing rights. Read the journal