5 Sep 2019 | B&B in the Media

Article: "Copyright as censorship?!"

In the online magazine Intellectual Property (3/2019), BOEHMERT & BOEHMERT attorney-at-law Prof. Dr. Christian Czychowski and attorney-at-law Viktoria Kraetzig wrote the article "Copyright as censorship?”. In it, they rate two current references for a preliminary ruling from the ECJ.

The background to this is the abuse of copyright law as a "legal weapon" for suppressing press coverage, in which authors or right-holders use their exclusive right in a targeted manner to suppress the publication of information they do not like.

The two authors summarise the decisions as follows: "The recent rulings of the ECJ open the door to the use of copyright as a "right of censorship" - a tendency that all parties concerned cannot wish for in times when intellectual property rights are increasingly under "observation" The entire article, as well as all other articles of the free online magazine for intellectual property rights, can be accessed here.